August 09, 2017

List of 331 Shell Companies- Trading Stopped

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Trading permitted only once a month ( i.e. First Monday of each month ) 


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Do Not Punish Investors

Trading should not stop. ( 331 Companies to Trade only once a month -i.e. First Monday of each Month ).

This means punishing the hapless Investors who have no role in running the affairs of the Company.

SEBI / Govt, should first solve the issue of   Non Trading of Shares which were earlier Exclusively Listed in , now closed , Regional Stock Exchanges.

Then there is issue of Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

Many small cap gems like Frick India are listed exclusively in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. No share trading is taking place in Metropolitan Stock Exchange causing immense problem to the Investors.

SEBI must ensure regular trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange and help small Investors.  

1 comment:

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Will Shell Company shares , now , trade in the Delisted Market ? . Will they , now , become Rare Indian Shares ?