August 31, 2017

PNB Finance- Quarterly Results-2015-16 Annual Report

OLD -2015-16- Annual Report

Please collect the financial results from all quarter results 

PNB Finance & Industries Limited was incorporated in the year 1894 under the name & style of The Punjab National Bank Limited. The Banking business was compulsorily acquired by Central Government under Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1970 and the name of the Company changed to PNB Finance Limited in the year 1976.
The Company forayed into the business of investment in shares, debentures, bonds, units & other securities and got its name changed to PNB Finance & Industries Limited in 1981. In the year 1998, the Company got registered with Reserve bank of India as Non Banking financial Company.
The Company is listed with Delhi Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange

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