September 05, 2017

Dealers' Two Way Quotes - Can Be Manipulative

Share Dealers of Unlisted shares are essentially Jobbers . Mostly , they Buy / Sell in their own account ( as different from Brokers whose interest does not go beyond earning their Brokerage Commissions ).

Many Share Dealers of Unlisted Shares have their websites. Our Blog is happy in providing links  to their Sites.

But what is disturbing is that ,  many a time , the Two Way Quotes ( Buying / Selling Rates ) are false and are a  bluff.

Example if a Dealer wants to Sell some shares he would quote a very high / incorrect Buying Rate. If he wants to Buy , then he would quote a very Low / manipulative Selling rate , although he may have , in his stock , no such shares to sell.

. In the old days of shouting system / chopris in Stock Exchange rings , we called this practice " ULTI AWAAZ "
Blog :We have taken a policy decision to put on our column " Dealers of Rare Indian Shares " a Standard Warning i.e.

Caution :

Two Way Quotes ( i.e simultaneous Buying / Selling Rates ) given by Dealers  May be Incorrect. Investors, please, Recheck from Independent Sources 



tushar agarwal said...

100% true

Anonymous said...

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Unlisted Shares Brokers said...

You are right sir....

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

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