September 05, 2017

Dealers' Two Way Quotes - Can Be Manipulative

Share Dealers of Unlisted shares are essentially Jobbers . Mostly , they Buy / Sell in their own accounts ( as different from Brokers whose interest does not go beyond earning their Brokerage Commissions )

Many Share Dealers of Unlisted Shares have their websites. Our Blog is happy in providing links  to their Sites.

But what is disturbing is that ,  many a time , the Two Way Quotes ( Buying / Selling Rates ) are false and are a  bluff.

Example if a Dealer wants to Sell some shares he would quote a very high / incorrect Buying Rate. If he wants to Buy , then he would quote a very Low / manipulative Selling rate , although he may have , in his stock , no such shares to sell.

. In the old days of shouting system / chopris in Stock Exchange rings , we called this practice " ULTI AWAAZ "

Two examples of current manipulative Buying / Selling rates are

1 ) Metropolitan Stock Exchange where Dealers are predominantly Sellers and are quoting a very high Buying Rate.

2 ) Frick India Limited where nearly all Dealers are Buyers and are . hence , quoting Very Low Selling Rates , although they may have no shares of Frick India to Sell. 

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August 29, 2017

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Blog :We have taken a policy decision to put on our column " Dealers of Rare Indian Shares " a Standard Warning i.e.

Caution :

Two Way Quotes ( i.e simultaneous Buying / Selling Rates ) given by Dealers  May be Incorrect. Investors, please, Recheck from Independent Sources 

Important : Please do not take Any Investment Decision based on the above stated analysis. Please only do a further Self Study

General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your  WEALTH 
Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in Frick India, so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .
( NB : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts. No responsibility taken by this author / blog .


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