September 20, 2017

Shervani ( Geep ) Urgent Questions - No Reply Received Uptill Today

The Compliance Officer , / Company Secretary

Re : Annual Report 2016-1- Questions From Shareholders

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To ,

The Compliance Officer,
Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd.,

Dear Sir ,

Re. Annual Report 2016 -17 - Clarifications

We , respectfully , state 

We hold shares in a/c no. IN 

1 )

  Page 7 -Annual Report 2016-17

Profits, according to the Report there is EPS of Rs.46 

But  under the next Heading Dividend , 

Shervani Industrial states " DUE TO INADEQUACY OF PROFITS ----- NO DIVIDEND 

Please explain how are Profits inadequate when in earlier years our Company declared dividends on much smaller profits.

2 ) 

What are the provisions of the Company Law , 2013 , mentioned here ( Page 7 ) in the Report because of which our Company cannot declared a dividend.?

3 )

Shervani Industrial Syndicate ( earlier Geep ) is following very strange accounting practices.

It may be to understate the massive profits Shervani Industrial is making.


The basic fundamental of accounts is that Profits = Sales Minus Expenditure.

After Profits have been worked out the one of the Items for RETAINED PROFITS may be " Increase in Inventories " 

Please explain how in Accounts Item " Increase in Inventories " can be treated as a legitimate Expense


Please reply within the time stipulated.

With regards ,




69 th AGM  on 28/09/2017, 11:30 am , at Allahabad. Shareholders , please attend.


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