September 09, 2017

Shervani Industrial-Strange Accounting Practices-Profits Understated

Shervani Industrial Syndicate ( earlier Geep ) is following very strange accounting practices.

It may be to understate the massive profits Shervani Industrial is making

The basic fundamental of accounts is that Profits = Sales Minus Expenditure.

After Profits have been worked out the one of the Items for RETAINED PROFITS may be " Increase in Inventories " 
Even after grossly understating Profits, according to the Report there is EPS of Rs.46 ,

But  under the next Heading Dividend , Shervani Industrial states " DUE TO INADEQUACY OF PROFITS ----- NO DIVIDEND "

Page 7 -Annual Report 2016-17

In its Annual Report 2016 -17, Page 32 Shervani has shown the Item " Increase in Inventories " as EXPENDITURE and thus understated its Profits.

Same -Page 32

It seems ( WHICH PLEASE RECHECK ) that in the Annual Results Shervani Industrial has understated its Profits by Rs. 18 cr 30 lakh ). Total Profit for the year are , actually , Rs. 33 cr 35  lakh ( which on an Equity base of Rs. 3 cr 28 lakh gives an EPS of Rs.102 /- per Rs. 10 share.   


Shervani Industrial huge Investments in Subsidiary companies and Mutual Funds page  38



August 15, 2017

Shervani ( Geep ) Super Q1 Results But Profits Grossly Understated

Please study the Q1 ( 2017-18 ) STANDALONE Results as given on Page 4 of

Sales are Rs. 20 cr 25 lakh this quarter ( Previous Year Q1 sales were Rs.3 cr 76 lakh.

and there is not much difference in expenses.

But Rs 13 cr 09 lakh from Profits have been allocated to rise in Inventories .

This is a mere accounting jugglery to hide real profits.

Thus the real net profit for the quarter is Rs.2 cr 12 lakh ( as stated ) PLUS Rs.13 cr 09 lakh ( allocated to Inventories )

This gives Q1 EPS of Rs.46/47 p . This is Standalone only and does not include the profits of subsidiary companies.

Book Value
As per Annual Report 2016-17 Shervani has a Share Capital Rs. 3 cr 28 lakh and Reserves of Rs 195 cr 40 lakh giving it a Book Value of Rs.620

2017-18 Estimated EPS ( Q1 Annualised )
With the Current Year EPS to be around Rs.200 and Book Value around Rs. 620 /- the share price of Shervani Industrial should be in THOUSANDS.



Shervani Industrial has announced Buy back Buy  @ Rs.205


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69 th AGM  on 28/09/2017, 11:30 am , at Allahabad. Shareholders , please attend.


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