October 23, 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange Wants to Restart ??

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The Calcutta Stock Exchange wanted trading on C-Star—the online platform of CSE, which was stopped by the Sebi in 2013, to resume

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Calcutta Stock Exchange-List of Companies


Is Calcutta Stock Exchange officially closed or not ?


SEBI Should Declare Calcutta Stock Exchange as CLOSED , to help Investors.
.Shares which are Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC s ) in Closed Regional Stock Exchanges have to either Relist ( in BSE/NSE ) or Delist ( by making an Buy Back Offer to Non Public Shareholders ).

Important companies like Bharat Nidhi, PNB Finance are avoiding SEBI directive for Relisting / Exit option by taking a frivolous plea that their shares are listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange which Exchange is ,actually  ,a Non Functional Exchange.

Non Listing of shares in a working Stock Exchange badly hurts investors as Share Dealers of Unlisted shares pay around One Third Price ( of the likely price had that share been listed in NSE / BSE ) 


It appears ( Please Recheck ) that some shares of Calcutta Stock Exchange are available for Sale / Purchase with Share Dealers of Unlisted shares.


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October 23, 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange-Top Investors

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