October 09, 2017

Crorepati Maker Small Caps -ET Link

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Unlock Hidden Gems Listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange
There are many hidden gems , especially , from erstwhile . Regional Stock Exchanges ( now closed ) like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories , John Oakey Mohan , listed Exclusively in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

But these are hidden as ,  presently , there is very little Equity trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

There are such 192 companies which are Exclusively Listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange. 
( Shares worth Rs.27 lakh traded on 09/10/17 )
Investors of these companies are facing great difficulty as share traders in the Unlisted / Grey market offer around one third price.

The  most important and most urgent issue for Investors is that SEBI ensures that full share trading starts taking place in Metropolitan Stock Exchange..

MAKE Metropolitan Stock Exchange WORK.


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October 10, 2017

Metropolitan Members- How to Locate in Your City ??

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2  ) Under Column Constitution Select Corporate

3) Under City Write Your City

4 ) Fill the Verification Code

Get the Details of Registered Members of Metropolitan Stock Exchange.


As per Metropolitan's Official Site on Tuesday, 10/10/2017 ,  36,265 shares  , worth  76 lakh have been traded.



Shares allowed to trade in Metropolitan Stock Exchange



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Smallcap Index at All Time High

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