March 24, 2018

Rs.60,550/- New Face Value of Chembra Peak Estates share !!!

Chembra Peak Estates ( listed in , now ,closed Regional Stock Exchanges )  has proposed consolidation of its share fave value from the present Rs. 10 /- to Rs. 60, 550 /- ( which face value is unprecedented in the corporate history of India.

All the Non Promoters ' holdings would be reduced to fractions who would be compulsorily paid Rs. 76 .

This brazen and bizarre face value figure shows the extent to which Promoters can go to compulsorily eject Loyal Non Promoter shareholders at a fraction of the true value  

The Investor community must act unitedly to oppose this anti small share holders move.

We wish to acknowledge the stellar role being played by PP Zibi Jose of

Tenrose Capital Services Ltd, Cochin
Tel - 0484- 2401685 ; 2401684 ( m ) 09388603877
    email :
in taking up this case.

They  are doing a great job.

We wish proactive investors / experts like them are appointed as independent directors on the board of companies.

Please do go through the letter given below ( click top right / icon TO ENLARGE 

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February 14, 2018

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PP Zibi Jose's Very Illuminating Letter

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