March 07, 2018

Sher Index Up


India remains indebted to the visionary steps of erstwhile Nawab of Junagarh who , in British times stopped hunting of the majestic Asiatic Lions in the Gir forest ( Gujarat ) . Thanks to Nawab's efforts the lion population in Gir increased from the then about 20 to around 600.
The project to relocate some lions to Morena district ( Chambal River Valley ) Madhya Pradesh , should be undertaken without any delay .
India is the only country in the world to have both Tigers and Lions ( also Panthers and Snow Leopards )


India 's tiger population is rapidly declining . When India's leading newspaper " Hindustan Times " carried a report about vanishing tigers in Panna Tiger reserve , M.P. , the office of the Prime Minister ( P.M.O. ) quickly moved in to assess the situation and take remedial action. It is very heartening to note that the Prime Minister of India , Dr. Manmohan Singh is taking a personal interest in the conservation of tigers and other wildlife in India.Tiger population has , in recent times , come down drastically from 3500 to , currently , around 1400.

The CHEETAH was not so lucky. Soon after independence Cheetah became extinct in the land which gave it its name. But all is not lost. Cheetah can be and should in some suitable habitat.
We appeal to like minded people to come together and initiate a Project , even as a N.G.O. , to bring back the cheetah in India .

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