June 22, 2018

Metropolitan Claims Equity Trading Takes Place

Investors please send us your Feed Back regarding the status of Equity Trading in Metropolitan Stock Exchange


Metropolitan ' Claim :-



This is with reference to your complaint registered on SCORES Ref No: SEBIP/MH18/0002938/1 dated June 08, 2018, received by the Exchange on June 21, 2018 we state as below:

This is with reference to the your complaint letter dated June 08, 2018 falsely alleging that Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (hereinafter to be referred as MSE) does not allow trading in equities at its platform.

We state that the exchange has facilitated trading in the scrips mentioned in your complaint. The absence / quantum of  trading in a scrip is dependent on demand and supply in the market for the particular scrip.

Further, we state that the Exchange provides for listing of scrips of corporates on satisfying certain criteria and facilitates a trading platform on which such scrips may be traded.  Investors and traders buy / sell such scrips through their brokers who are trading members of the exchange. On any day, some scrips are traded and others are not. The exchange ensures that such trading is conducted in an orderly manner and in accordance with SEBI regulations / guidelines.

Also, to note that investor grievance department can handle complaints as per guidelines specified by SEBI. As per the FAQ updated by SEBI Section I question 2: your query cannot be considered as complaint in SCORES. The link is mentioned for your ready reference. https://scores.gov.in/scores/Docs/FAQ-SCORES.pdf

Therefore, after verification of the grievances raised we state that since the query, is outside the jurisdiction of nature of complaints to be handled by the Exchange. 

Hence, the complaint/ query is considered as addressed and the complaint is closed in our records.



Our Reply

Please do not close our Complaint.

We maintain that there is no Equity trading in MSE and , hence , in the interests of Public and Investors SEBI should not renew MSE 's licence wef 1509/2018.

We would be taking up the matter with the Ministry of Finance , North Block , New Delhi.

Regards ,


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