July 20, 2018

Hero Fincorp Rights- Payment Terms Modified ? - Message Received From Investor

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Message Received - PLEASE RECHECK ALL INFORMATION - No Responsibility With Blog


( 1) Payment in Instalments ,(2 ) Last Date Extended ( PLEASE RECHECK )

 Kindly note that the company has announced a change in the rights issue, from fully paid up (equity application) into partly paid equity application. Hence the fully paid application form which all the shareholders have received will be invalid and the company will re-issue the application form for the partly paid up share and the same will be dispatched to all shareholder to their registered address, shortly. Further note that below payment method for the partly paid up application. Company will send intimation for call the first and final call money within a time frame as decided by the Board.

Payment method -

Amount payable per Equity Share in the Right Issue

Face Value

(Amount in Rupees)


(Amount in Rupees)


(Amount in Rupees)

On Application




On First and Final Call


IMPORTANT Note : For those investor/s who have already submitted their Fully paid application to the collection centers and their amounts have been debited from their account, such amounts will be re-credited to the shareholder s account soon and such shareholders would have to re-apply again with the partly paid application.

Also note the company has extended the closing date of Rights Issue, now the issue will be closed on August 14, 2018


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