November 24, 2018

Physical Shares Investors - Please Note

August 30, 2018

Physical Shares -Odd / Unusual Names ' Order-Investors Should Transfer These to Regular Names' Order

Investors may continue holding their Listed shares in Physical mode 

But if such Investors hold these Physical shares / in small lots in names or joint names in which they do not have Demat accounts then should transfer before 05/12/18 such folios even in Physical mode to names for which they have or can easily open Demat accounts later if the need arises ( for transfer or sale.) 

Otherwise , even to transfer a few shares in an odd folio they would have to go through the process of opening many Demat accounts


After 05/12/18, Physical Shares Can be Held


FAQ No. 5

Q : What would happen if I do NOT Dematerialise my shares by 05/12/18
A) in this case, you will not be able to sell or transfer your shares after December 5, 2018. You will have to wait for demat of shares before being able to sell/transfer them.



November 10, 2018

Good Bye- Share Transfer Stamps / Deeds-Post 05/12/2018

For Old Investors like me ( I am of 59 years ) , Share Transfer Stamps ( and Share Transfer Deeds ) had been an integral part of the share Investment ( share transfer process ).

Share Transfer stamps had been in use in India from British times.

Click here for a 1884 used Share Transfer Stamp.  

With Physical Share Transfers coming to an end wef 05 th December 2018 Share Transfer Stamps and Deeds, also , become History.

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