February 27, 2019

Ashoka Marketing Q3-2019 Results -Profit Jumps

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December 06, 2018

Ashoka Marketing Annual Report 2017-18 ,Q 2 2019 Results

Annual Report 2017-18

Q2-2019 Results




August 31, 2017

Ashoka Marketing Annual Report 2016-17


Ashoka Marketing's Share is Rs.100 paid up ( Page 63 ) ---------------------

Annual Report Highlights ( PLEASE RECHECK )

Associate Company of Bharat Nidhi ( Page 36) ,  holds , inter alia , 3 lakh shares of Bharat Nidhi book value Rs 24 lakh page 67

Dividend - NIL

Share Capital : Rs.15 lakh ( Page 11 ) Reserves  Rs 17 cr 22 lakh page 55

Listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange

Attempted Voluntary Delisting from Calcutta Stock Exchange but failed. ( Page 12 ) 


ASHOKA MARKETING LIMITED was incorporated on 14th July, 1948 under The Indian Companies Act, 1913 having its Registered Office at Bihar.
During the year 1960, the Company shifted its Registered Office from Bihar to West Bengal.
Presently, the Registered Office of the Company is situated at New Delhi.
The Company does not have any significant business activity as of now alongside its non-business key activity being deployment of surplus funds.

source  http://www.ashokamarketing.co.in

Sanmati Properties Limited is Ashoka Marketing wholly owned subsidiary

Annual Report 2016- 17 of Sanmati Properties



Is Calcutta Stock Exchange officially closed or not ?


SEBI Should Declare Calcutta Stock Exchange as CLOSED , to help Investors.
.Shares which are Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC s ) in Closed Regional Stock Exchanges have to either Relist ( in BSE/NSE ) or Delist ( by making an Buy Back Offer to Non Public Shareholders )

Important SEBI Directions on Regional Stock Exchanges / ELC

For Regional Stock Exchanges Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC ), important SEBI ( 2016 )directions :-

It appears that SEBI has extended the deadline to 30 th June, 2017 ( Please Recheck this )


 It appears some shares of Calcutta Stock Exchange are available with Share Dealers of Unlisted / Delisted shares, for Sale / Purchase ( Please Recheck )


also , please read

Defunct Regional Exchange Shares - SEBI Toughens


Dissemination Boards. Metropolitan SE Fail Regional Stock Exchange ELC Shares

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