August 04, 2020

Name Indian Rafale Fighter planes as Sekhon-Rafales.

(after the great martyr Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon PVC - Hero of 1971 War )
It is high time that we give due honour to our brave soldiers.

In Delhi we have Roads named after the culprits of 1962 but none named after the Heroes of 1962 ( like another great martyr Major Shaitan Singh PVC , the saviour of Ladakh )

All Major Countries name their important weapons after their great soldiers / generals like in the USA , Patton Tanks , Abrams Tanks ,Sherman Tanks , Nimitz Air Craft Carriers ,in Israel Uzi Rifles etc etc.
But India does not name its weapons after our great soldiers . We could name Brahmos , Agni ,Prithvi, INSAS Rifle, INS Viraat etc etc after our great soldiers .

( Our next Air Craft Carrier be named after the legendary Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa )

Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa would have done what the Americans could not do in Afghanistan.
India should name its new howitzer guns ,like K 9 Vajra , after the great Ibrahim Khan Gardi.
Gardi was the ace Topchi of Marathas. Gardi was brutally martyred by the victorious Ahmad Shah Abdali in the Third Battle of Panipat.

Gardi the great Indian patriot was , also , like Abdali a Pathan but an Indian Pathan.
Pakistanis would not honour Ibrahim Khan , although , at that time ,Pakistan was part of India.
Blinded by anti Indian sentiments, Pakistan's hero of the Third Battle of Panipat is the Afghan invader Abdali . They have named one of their missiles as Abdali
Pakistan 's Misreading on origins of the name of Indian Missile " Prithvi "

When India named its short range missile as " Prithvi " Pakistan , reckless in its Anti India fervour named its counterpart as " Ghori " after the Afghan invader Muhammad Ghori having hastily concluded that India named its missile after Prithviraj Chauhan .

In jumping to name their missile Ghori , Pakistan forgot two things :-

( 1 ) Muhammad Ghori was a foreign invader who attacked Multan etc , of present day Pakistan . At that time , present day Pakistan was part of India .

( 2 ) India rarely names its weapons after its great soldiers / generals .

" Prithvi " name was given because of a series named after celestial / Nature 's objects / phenomena like , Prithvi , Agni , Surya.

We look to old Sanskrit names , like Vikrant , which are difficult to understand or relate to and and we , every time ,waste a golden opportunity to honour our great military heroes ,

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