August 22, 2020

Why Pakistan is obsessed by Kashmir

Pakistan is obsessed with Kashmir because of Chinese pressure. Pakistan is a proxy of China in Kashmir and Ladakh. All Pakistan based terrorist activities are re financed by China. Terrorists like Hafiz Saeed are protected , internationally , by China 
  Article 370 gave India only a limited say in the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir , including Ladakh , which suited both China and Pakistan .China was always a player in the so called Kashmir dispute overtly only between India and Pakistan. China wanted Ladakh to link up with Pakistan and Shaksgam valley . 

  State Govt of Jammu and Kashmir , including Ladakh , was sympathetic to Pakistan ‘s and ultimately to China ‘s interests , especially , in Ladakh. Example Late Sheikh Abdullah refused to allow His Holiness The Dalai Lama and his followers settle in Ladakh when they took refuge in India  Ladakh was most suitable for Tibetans both from climate and cultural points of views. 

  India ‘s direct control over both Kashmir and Ladakh has put an end to the China - Pakistani collusion .

  Present standoff in Ladakh is a joint China- Pakistan conspiracy. Now ,China fears losing Tibet and Aksai Chin and Pakistan losing Gilgit and Baltistan

.Islamic nations , now , understand real motives of Pakistan vis a vis Kashmir and why Pakistan is totally silent at genocide by China of Uyghur musllims in Xinjiang .

 Pakistan's Double Standards and Pakistan acting as Proxy of China in Kashmir stand exposed to the world and , especially , Islamic countries

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