October 20, 2020

Another Tax On Unlisted Shares Sale Above Rs. 50 Lakh and Above ? Please Recheck

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July 05, 2020

Taxation Laws in India -Unfair to Non Farmers Especially Investors


Govt is imposing one tax after another on the Share Bazaar transactions and investments.

 Govt. is confiscating ( after 7 years unecashed status ) investors' dividends / shares . 

This is very unfair. 

Govt. should impose some sort of tax on super Rich Farmers , many of whom own land worth tens of crores .

In India , Physically Handicapped pay Income Tax / all other taxes and whereas Rich / Super Rich Farmers do not.In Punjab all Vote Banks get Free Electricity . But not a single paisa relief to Handicapped Punjabis


There should be an audit of all Revenue entries /Patwari records vis a vis agricultural land ownership .

Many absentee NRI land lords who have not visited India for years bribe to get themselves shown as ' Actual  Tillers - Khud Kasht and take free electricity / Income Tax exemption and other freebies


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