March 27, 2021

1875- How Britain Gained Joint control of the Suez Canal.

Suez Canal was built by the French . The company's shares were originally owned by the French and the Ruler of Egypt .
In 1875 , the British bought entire holding of the Egyptian Pasha i.e. 50 % of total equity in one of the biggest financial coups 
.The Pasha urgently needed money to meet his financial requirements .
PM Disraeli 's Govt took a private loan of 4 million pounds from Rothschilds ..
The urgency and secrecy in the purchase was because had Britain's rival country France come to know of this transaction France would have pre empted this deal , most , probably by offering the Pasha a higher price.
Britain , most , desperately ,wanted these shares , to control the best and shortest shipping route to its ' Jewel in the Crown ' colony - India .
Suez Canal was nationalised in 1956 by Nasser .

March 24, 2021

Suez Canal Blocked - Prolonged Stoppage May Send Spot Freight Rates Skywards

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It appears that the Canal  would be operational soon.

But if it remains closed for a long time then it would lead to a  hefty rise in spot freight rates in all types of ships .

This happened in the past when due to Arab Israel  conflicts like in 1967 and 1973 Suez Canal was blocked and spot  freight rates shot-up.

This brought windfall profits for  investors of shipping companies including  investors of Indian Companies like .Great Eastern Shipping Co . Ltd .

Can we hope a similar bonanza again ?

 Well God is Great .

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