March 20, 2021

Physical Shares Transfer - Extend 31/03/2021One Time Deadline - Corona Impact Very Serious

 There are many buyers who had bought Physical shares many years ago and paid in full to the Sellers  . But they could not get these transferred because of some reasons including new Govt requirements like PAN / ADHAAR Card copy of Sellers . Sellers had vested interest in not co-operating .

Finally all Physical Transfers were stopped by SEBI.

But Some time was given to those investors who had bought shares,  before the new guidelines were prescribed ,  to get them transferred to their names .

An Undertaking was allowed by SEBI in the following Format ;-

But this Waiver is coming to an end on 31 st March ,2021 .

SEBI should consider an extension in this deadline as more than One Year has been wasted because of the Corona pandemic . 

RTA Offices are not functioning from  their commercial / official addressed but their staff members working from their homes .

This has meant delays in pursuing the cases of Transfer of Physical shares .

Many such hapless buyers are Senior Citizens who desperately need to monetise their rightfully bought shares . But they cannot do this till such are transferred to their names .

So , SEBI / Govt must consider Extending the Deadline for at least One Year beyond 21/03/2021.


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