June 22, 2021

Message Received From Kunal Shah , Kolkata



This is a humble request to ask brokers from your community to not use any anti- social elements and unlawful activities for cases going through court proceedings and abide by the court directions . Request you to publish this on your blogs.

You have published few days back to refund the money of Mr Jignesh Gohel on your blog. If you are wanting to bring justice FOR EVERYONE through your blogs then you must publish this warning too .

Hope you will be a truthful person .



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Nawaz said...

Unlisted Share market is based on mutual trust. If any one party breaks the trust, no matter whoever it is..it would have a vide implication on this business space.. nobody would want to deal in this space if there is possibility of fraud. Honesty should be the top criteria to consider oneself human.