September 14, 2021

Hexaware Technologies-Annual Report-2020-FY Ending 31/12/2020

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Annual Report 2020

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 Hexaware Delisted in Nov 2020 @ Rs.475

Exit Window Open 

 Exit Offer Letter

The Company has received final approval from BSE Ltd and National Stock Exchange of India Limited dated October 19, 2020 for delisting of shares from the exchanges, accordingly trading in the equity shares of Hexaware Technologies Limited (Scrip Code: 532129 and HEXAWARE respectively) has been discontinued w.e.f. Monday, November 02, 2020 and Company is delisted from BSE Ltd and National Stock Exchange of India Limited w.e.f November 09, 2020.

In accordance with Regulation 21 of the Delisting Regulations, the Acquirer and Promoter has provided an exit opportunity to the remaining Public Shareholders of the Company who did not or were not able to participate in the Reverse Book Building Process or who unsuccessfully tendered their Equity Shares in the Reverse Book Building Process and are currently holding Equity Shares in the Company (“Residual Shareholders”), to tender their Equity Shares during a period of one year from the BSE Date of Delisting and NSE Date of Delisting i.e. from November 9, 2020 till November 8, 2021 (both days inclusive). Residual Shareholders can tender their Equity Shares to the Acquirer at the Exit Price of Rs. 475/- at any time during this one year period, on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in this Exit Letter of Offer.


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 It appears some shares  of Hexaware Technologies  are available with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares Shares  (Please Recheck this ).



General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has holdings in this Company. So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision.




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