October 07, 2021

APL Metals - Assiciated Pigments - 2020-2021 - Annual Report in PDF

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 Blog ;-It appears ( Please Recheck ) that some shares of APL Metals are available for Sale / Purchase with.Dealers of Rare Indian shares.



September 19, 2012

Associated Pigments Limited

Regd. Office

18 / 1A ,Hindustan Road ,
Phone : 033-2465 0925

email : apicalcutta@redffmail.com



Board of Directors

RN Sahaya - Chairman
SN Sahaya MD ans CEO
K Kundu Director Finance , Secretary and CFO
R Gambhir
Pammi Sahaya
Rajendra Sahay
Bipan Roy
OP Saxsena


Niche Technologies Privsate Limited
Kolkata- 700 001
Tel :- 033- 2235- 7270 / 7271

Associated Pigments was incorporated around 1949 and is one of the leading manufacturers of Lead and Lead Alloys ( Storage Battery Inputs )

As on 31-03-12

Share Capital
Rs. 10 cr 72 Lakh
( Face Vale Per Share Rs. 10)
Rs, 19 cr 49 Lakh
Loan s etc : Rs. 92 cr.

The Debt : Equity Ratio seems to be on a Higher Side )

For the Year ended 31-03-12

Turnover : Rs. 282 cr

Operating Profit ( before Interest and Depreciation ) : Rs. 10 cr. 14 lakh

Net Profit : 10 Lakh

Current Year may be Better( as per Directors ' Report )

Share seems to be Exclusively Listed in a Non Operational Stock Exchange / Delisted
 Traded in the Delisted Market

ly 08, 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange - SEBI Should Declare it Defunct

PNB Finance and Camac Commercial are Listed in CSE.

But there is no trading in these shares.

Promoters should not take the plea that shares are Listed.

Public Shareholders' interests are supreme, always.

Please read



June 17, 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange-List of Companies


Is Calcutta Stock Exchange officially closed or not ?

.Shares which are Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC s ) in Closed Regional Stock Exchanges have to either Relist ( in BSE/NSE ) or Delist ( by making an Buy Back Offer to Non Public Shareholders )

General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your Wealth

All facts stated in good faith. Please recheck all points before taking any investment decision ( No responsibility with the writer or blog )

CAUTION : The writer has in his / family members' names holding in this Company. So make adequate " provisions " for any over optimism

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