October 08, 2021

Tata s Regain Air India - Earlier Tata Airlines - We are absolutely Thrilled

Tata - Planes - Patriotism
Air India was earlier Tata Airlines During Kashmir operations ( 1947-48 ) Tata Airways ' planes were used to transport Indian troops to Kashmir.
(.Its nationalisation was a wrong move ) Nehru 's polices PSU s - corruption/ mismanagement / misappropriation.


1929: JRD Tata, a board member of Tata Sons and later chairman of the Tata group, receives India’s first pilot licence.
1932 : Tata Sons set up Tata Airlines Ltd with Rs2 lakh (around $3,000) as initial investment. JRD Tata himself flew the first flight between Karachi and Bombay in a Havilland Puss Moth, carrying 25 kilograms of mail.
1937: A regular service between Delhi and Bombay is launched and the flight carries mail and passengers
1946: Tata Airlines becomes a public company and is renamed Air India Ltd. India’s national airline was once headquartered at the Tata head office in Bombay.
1948: Air India decides to launch its international operations and submits a proposal to the government.
1953 – Air India is nationalized, and JRD Tata is appointed as the company’s first chairman and serves till 1977, when the new government decided to unceremoniously terminate his services.
. Similarly, Bharat Airways ( of Birlas ) and others became Indian Airlines.The Company changed its name to Bharat Commerce ( now liquidated ). Bharat Commerce , also, owned a Spinning Mill at Rajpura -Punjab ( Dhagaa Mill)


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