March 24, 2022

Greatness of Mr. Analjit Singh of Max Group

We have been investor shareholders of many Mr Analjit Singh's Max group companies for the last many years.
it Singh has been very ethical and , in a rare trait among India's Corporate Promoters , Mr. Singh has been very fair to the public shareholders who have made great profits in these investments..
We held shares , also , in the group's unlisted Investment Compan namely Cheminvest Limited While in the Unlisted market no buyer was giving us even Rs 5 for a Re.1 paid up share, Mr. Singh gave us around Rs. 85 per Share
Of the three brothers who inherited the legacy of erstwhile Ranbaxy / Bhai Mohan Singh , only Mr. Analjit Singh's Max group has shone consistently unlike the others - erstwhile Fortis promoters and Montari group.
Mr. Singh has successfully brought in , in his companies ,highly reputed  foreign equity partners including New York Life Insurance ..
Mr. Analjit Singh has done India proud.

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