March 24, 2022

NSE Academy - Trade Profitably - Enroll Now - Stock Market Foundation Course -6 Modules - 23 Hours - @ Just 2499/- (Festive Offer)


About Program:

This course is designed to effectively understand all types of securities markets like equity, mutual funds and derivatives. Understand how to read markets and its movements. Learn about all types of investments and how they will help you achieve your financial goals! You will get access to a Trading Simulator loaded with virtual money to test your trading strategies.

The course will introduce you to fundamentals of securities market and its various trading instruments. It then introduces you to mutual funds and help you evaluate various related products available in the markets. Introduction to very powerful instrument Options is covered subsequently along with six hours of pure technical analysis on stocks.

The last module is a very interesting and powerful five-hour course on Speaking Effectively. It’s a public speaking course covering fundamental principles and techniques to become an effective speaker. Whether you need to make an impression at a job interview, make a pitch or effectively communicate your ideas in a team, the Speaking Effectively course will teach you the best-kept secrets of public speaking!


10 Courses

Total Duration:
75 Hours

Special access to Trading Simulator

Lifelong Validity

Linkedin Sharable Certificates

6 Premium Certificate Courses Designed by Industry Experts:

10 Short Modules (SLP) 100 Hours of Learning:


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Course Fees Rs. 2,499 (Plus GST) | Total Fees: Rs. 2,949

Original Fees Rs. 33,700 /-


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