August 15, 2022

Sandip Ginodia / Altius Investech'-Message on How to Get Higher Fixed Deposit type Income and Latest Update on Unlisted Shares

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What is Asset Lease Investment?
What if you could earn a passive income and get a return on your assets of more than 20%? This can be accomplished by co-investing in assets like furniture, bicycles, batteries, and gadgets that are rented to large corporations with sound financial positions and operational foundations.
Let's start by defining lease:
It is nothing more than a written contract between two parties for the use of a building, car, or other asset for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for regular payments.
As an illustration, consider firm X, which is rapidly expanding and adding 100 people. Now, if the business wants to give each employee a MacBook worth 100,000 rupees, it will have to put out one crore rupees up advance (Even before the hiring begins). To pay for this expense, they have two options: they can spend their own money or get a bank loan.
Due to the fact that banks typically do not grant loans for the purchase of tangible goods like vehicles without collateral, these solutions are typically not the best ones.
and the money generated through VC should preferably be spent on expanding the business rather than purchasing its assets.
Therefore, leasing physical assets is a perfect alternative for businesses like RIDE Ltd that need a lot of assets to run their operations but still want to keep their asset portfolios modest.
They can now transform the capital investment they make in these assets into operational expenses, or turning CAPEX into OPEX. Additionally, they can hyper-scale their firm thanks to leasing.
Lease Investing is a new investment possibility for retail investors as a result of the development in the leasing of space. The method of investing in these companies' leasing agreements is known as lease investing.
Before making an investment in leased assets, take into account the following factors.
1. The remaining worth of assets
The estimated worth of a fixed asset at the end of its useful life or lease term is known as residual value. It is suggested to estimate the asset's value using its residual value.
2. Deal Duration
Lease agreements are dependent on tenure and may not offer liquidity for an early exit. The contracts typically endure for years. As a result, it is crucial to consider the duration of the agreement.
Lastly, it should go without saying that we need to conduct a thorough analysis.
Before making any investments, obtain company financial information.
So now that you are aware of the possibility of investing in leased assets, let's look at the two primary reasons why it would be a wise alternative.
Lease investment offers diversity for people who primarily invest in equity because it is unrelated to the stock market. Your return is unaffected by changes in a company's market price that is leasing your asset.
2. Consistent return:
Some asset lease investments offer internal rates of return of up to 20%.
3. Stout Support
Your investment in leasing is safeguarded by solid collateral. This indicates that the item in which you are investing is safe and stable.
Now that you've learned how to produce consistent profits, you probably have a better understanding of how lease investments operate. 
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