September 22, 2022

Jardine Henderson- Annual Report-20121-2022

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September 16, 2019

Jardine Henderson- Annual Report-2018-19

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Now , an Indian Company shares of Jardine Henderson ( Rs.100 paid up ) are listed with Calcutta Stock Exchange which Exchange does not seem to operate.

old post of 2016

January 30, 2016

Jardine Henderson Limited

Jardine Henderson Limited 's predecessor Company was Jardine , Skinner And Company which was founded in 1825.

The company was closely associated with Matheson & Company of London and Jardine Matheson & Co. of Hong Kong.

 In 1946 Jardine Skinner merged with George Henderson to form Jardine Henderson. At first the Jardine and Steuart families controlled the new firm, although the Mehta family held 40% of the shares. In the early 1970s the majority of shares were transferred to Indians as the main British shareholders died..

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Presently , Jardine Henderson Limited is :-

 is one of India`s oldest Pest Management Companies and a pioneer and leader in the Pest Management Industry.

 Mr. Laxmi Kant Mehta, Chairman
Mr. Avnish Mehta, Non-Executive
 Ms. Shailja Mehta, Non-Executive (Woman) 
Mr. Ratnanko Banerji, Independent 
Dr. Suman Kumar Mukerjee, Independent 
Mr. Rakesh Macwan, Managing Director

As on 31/03/2015

Share Capital : Rs. 2 crore

Reserves         : Rs.12 cr 93 Lakh

For Financial Year Ended 31/03/2015

Sales : Rs.15 cr 44 Lakh

Gross Profit : Rs.73 Lakh

Net Profit     :Rs.42 Lakh

EPS ( Share Rs.100 Paid Up ) Rs. 20 / 77 p

Dividend : Rs.7 /50 p ( 7 : 5 % )

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Shares Listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange ( which is Non Operational )

It appears some shares of Jardine Henderson are available with Dealers of  Rare  Indian Shares  (Please Recheck this ).



June 17, 2017

Calcutta Stock Exchange-List of Companies


Is Calcutta Stock Exchange officially closed or not ?


SEBI Should Declare Calcutta Stock Exchange as CLOSED , to help Investors.
.Shares which are Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC s ) in Closed Regional Stock Exchanges have to either Relist ( in BSE/NSE ) or Delist ( by making an Buy Back Offer to Non Public Shareholders )

Important SEBI Directions on Regional Stock Exchanges / ELC

For Regional Stock Exchanges Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC ), important SEBI ( 2016 )directions :-

It appears that SEBI has extended the deadline to 30 th June, 2017 ( Please Recheck this )


 It appears some shares of Calcutta Stock Exchange are available with Share Dealers of Unlisted / Delisted shares, for Sale / Purchase ( Please Recheck )


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