September 13, 2022

Sandip Ginodia / Altius-Latest Developments in Unlisted Shares

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After getting SFB licences from the RBI, Fincare and Utkarsh both began operations as small financing banks (SFBs) in 2017.
Let’s start with the fundamentals: what are SFBs? They are a distinct type of bank established with the goal of advancing the financial inclusion agenda. SFBs must follow the following rules:
  • 75+% loans to priority sectors, i.e. underserved sectors (compared to 40% for other banks)
  • Loans of 50% or more with ticket sizes of =25 lakhs
There are 11 SFBs in India, and interestingly, the majority of these SFBs were previously microfinance institutions (except AU and Shivalik cooperative bank). In other words, all of them have built their businesses around financial inclusion and are run by exceptional management teams – so it’s no coincidence that these 11 businesses were given licenses!
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Financial Performance of TMB in FY2022
  • Operating profit increased from 1,202.04 crores to 1,526.75 crores.
  • Net profit Increased from 603.33 crores to 2821.91crores (+36.23%)
  • Deposits of the Bank increased from 240,970.42 crores to 44,933.11 crores (+9.67%) during the year
  • Gross Advances increased from 31,541.03 crores to 33,748.17 crores (+7.00% ) during the year
  • Net Advances increased from 31,069.60 crores to 233,491.54 crores (+7.80%) during the year
  • Gross NPAs decreased from 3.44% to 1.69%. Net NPAs decreased from 1.98% to 0.95%
  • Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) increased from 79.53% to 87.92%
The total income increased by 403.20 crores during the year from 24,253.22 crores in the previous year to 24,656.42 crores during the year under review (+9.48%).
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Reliance Retail has entered the Indian fast-moving consumer goods sector by expanding the distribution of its private label brands, Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart, which are sold in its supermarkets and hypermarkets.
The company had set an internal target of Rs 50,000 crore in revenue from the FMCG industry, which will be managed by Reliance Retail’s consumer brand segment.
It plans to sell groceries such as pulses and grains, edible oils, flour, dry fruits, spices, pickles, pastes, idli dosa batter, snacks such as biscuits, namkeens and sweets, ready-to-cook meals, ketchup, jams, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, breakfast cereal, oats, muesli, honey, sauces, tea and coffee.
Food brands include Good Life, Best Farms, Desi Kitchen, Snac Tac, Yeah!, Healthy Life, Aw So Yum, and more. Kaffe, Aarambh.
It has entered categories such as soaps, shower gels, hand wash, face wash, hair oils, talcum powder, sanitisers, sanitary pads, diapers, toothpaste and toothbrush, nail enamel, lipsticks, beauty accessories, hair accessories, daily essentials such as nail clippers and scissors, and deodorants in the non-foods space.
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