October 21, 2023

Bombay Gas Co - Non Promoter shares Cancelled- PLEASE RECHECK THIS

7. Reduction of Share Capital :
To consider and if thought fit to pass, with or without modification, the following resolution as a Special
“RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the provisions of Sections 66 of the Companies Act, 2013 read
with the National Company Law Tribunal (Procedure for Reduction of Share Capital), Rules,
2016 (including any statutory amendments or re-enactments thereof for the time being in force)
and Article 38 of the Articles of Association of the Company and subject to the necessary
consents, permissions and approvals of the statutory or regulatory authorities and subject to the
confirmation of the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai bench, (hereinafter referred as
“Tribunal”) approval of Shareholders of the company be and is hereby accorded for reducing
the issued, subscribed and paid up share capital of the Company, from Rs. 80,001,500/- (Rupees
Eight Crore One Thousand Five Hundred only) comprising of 8,000,150 (Eighty Lakhs One
Hundred and Fifty) equity shares of Rs. 10/- each to 6,92,05,200, (Six Lakhs Ninety Two Lakhs
Five Thousand Two Hundred) comprising of 69,20,520, (Sixty Nine Lakhs Twenty Thousand
Five Hundred Twenty) equity shares of Rs.10/- each, by extinguishment and cancellation of
10,79,630, (Ten Lakh, Seventy Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty) equity shares of Rs.10/-
each at a fair value of Rs. 10/- per share (Rupees Ten Only) held by the Non-Promoter

Source - 2021-2022 Annual Report


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