November 27, 2023

Happy Gurpurab- Childhood Days in Rajpura - Punjab

My early childhood days in Rajpura Township , Punjab ,from1962 to 1968 . I am Nov. 1959 born.
In those days , to the best of my memory, we had only Sikh Gurus ' Shobha Yatras ' on Gurpurabs.
I along with my friends would with great joy move behind the moving trolley at the back of which a Sikh devotee / Granthi sat . He distributed Karha Parasad which included black chholey 
After taking our share of Karha / Chholey we children ,would for a short while,fall back , quickly eat the delicious parsad , wipe clean our oily hand on our shirt or so and then again turn up behind the trolley for more .
We would go again and again . The gentleman distributing was fully aware of us doing repeated rounds . 
 But he never refused or scolded us or told us to go away . He with the same benign , parental and smiling face continued filling our outstretched palms .
At that time , we children, would only brag among ourselves as to as to the number of times we took the prasad . ' Oye, tu kinni wari litta . Buss Punj waari - Main Satt wari .'
Later , when I grew up and remembering this experience, I realised the true meaning of the Prasad distributing Granthi's 's response - one the essences of Sikh faith . -Happiness in serving others i.e.' Sewa.


tushar agarwal said...

Great memories 👌

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Tushar ,

Thanks a lot.