February 08, 2011

Information Wanted on Laxman Sylvania ; Secals ; Jaipur Syntex , Pharmax

Sir ,
Could u please give the information regarding-Laxman sylvania ltd, Secals ltd,Jaipur syntex ltd and pharmax ltd 



Satyakam Mishra said...

Quick Update -
Laxman Sylvania Ltd - Sold the business to Havell's. Not sure if there is any business left.

Secals Ltd - Last result filed in 2000 and no operations since then.

Jaipur Syntex Ltd - No operations

Pharmax Ltd - I assume thats its Pharmax (India)Pvt. Ltd. Seems operational co but no figures available.

Satyakam Mishra

vishwanath said...

PHARMAX Corporation Ltd.:I have received latest Balance sheet as on 31/3/2010.Address Of the Co is : Max house,1,Dr. Za Marg,Okhla,NewDElhi 110020 I received these shares under schemeof arrangement between Ranabaxy and Pharmax corpltd. Latest EPS is 0.35 paise but nmo Dividend declared because of carried forward losses.