February 24, 2011

Wanted Current Rate of TCS e Serve

Dear Sir,

Plz forward me the offer price of following shares as i am holding very good quantity of shares.

Ramacast Limited , Kolkata
Remington Rand of India Limited , Kolkata
Haryana Petrochemicals Limited , Rewari ( Haryana )
Patodia Textile Industries Limited , Mumbai
Dalal Street Finance Co. Ltd , Mumbai
Ross Murarka Finance Limited , Mumbai
Narmada Agro Industries Limited , Bharuch ( Gujarat )
Rainbow Housing Development Finance Corp. Ltd. , Baroda
Chemiequip Limited , Mumbai
Cellulose Products of India Limited Ahmedabad
United Esters And Nitrochem Limited ,Ahmedabad
Premier Industries Limited , Indore
Orkay Silk Mills Limited,Mumbai
Shivalik Loha Mills Limited , Ludhiana
Maegaware Computers Limited , Mumbai
Bowreah Cotton Mills Limited , Kolkata
Synthetics And Chemicals Limited Mumbai
Steel Tubes of India Limited , Dewas ( MP )
Druckgrafen India Limited , Chandigarh
Asiatic Oxygen Limited Kolkata
Vital Foods Limited ( Gujarat )
Adinath Textiles Limited Ludhiana

also send me the current rate of tcs e serve as i am holding 200 shares. Your contact no. also.



email :-


Dear Pawan

Many Thanks For Your Interest.
This is the List my " Unlisted and Unheard of Shares "
Presently , We are Holding On


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

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