November 23, 2011

Falling Markets - To Buy Or Not ??

If one of the share investment principles should be " Don`t Catch A Falling Knife " then why is it also said " Buy on Dips " ?



We are delighted at the elevation of Cyrus Mistry as eventual Head of the venerable Tata Group. Our best wishes.

Cyrus 's elevation  , also , brings great hope to the share holders of Cyrus ' own group ( Pallonji Mistry Group ) listed companies namely Forbes And Co. and Gokak  Textiles that there would value unlocking and fair share value appreciation for the investors.

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Pallonji Mistry and even Cyrus maintain  a very low profile . Now , the whole world's attention is on them . Pallonji Mistry is known as " Phantom of Bombay House ( Tata HQ ). Pallonji ( to the best of our knowledge has foreign nationality - Irish ).Mistrys were producers of the classic Hindi film " Mughal -e - Azam " . Their listed companies Forbes And Co. and Gokak Textiles should , now , deliver better returns for their non promoter share holders ( although the companies are doing well ).

For at least last two consecutive years Forbes And Co. in their Board of Directors has on Agenda for consideration " Dividend " thereby raising hopes among investors only to be told that no dividend.

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