May 23, 2013

Shakti Met-Dor- Compulsory Acquisition of Shares - Share Holders to Oppose Shakti Met-Dor Limited of Secunderabad delisted on 22 / 12 /2010.

Now , Shakti Met-Dor Limited is planning Compulsory Buy - Back ( selective  cancellation of Non Promoter shares ).

The Company is doing very well and its prospects have improved tremendously  because the Company has been taken over by the world renowned German giant  M/s Hormann Beteilgungs Gmbh.

Shakti Met-Dor Limited  is , now, subsidiary of Hormann Beteigungs as it , now , holds 68:28 % of the total equity of Shakti Met-Dor .

Indian promoters hold 25 :17 % equity.

Now , Shakti Met- Dor has initiated moves to compulsorily acquire  1,80,307 shares ( 6 : 55 % of total equity of Shakti Met-Dor ) owned by Non - Promoter Public  shareholders.

The share Price of Rs. 400 Per share by the Chartered Accountants is grossly unfair and highly prejudicial to the interests of the Minority Non Promoter Shareholders of Shakti Met-Dor Limited.

Further, the Discounted Cash Flow method , claimed by the Company is highly limited as it does not take into account the fact that Shakti Met-Dor Limited is , now , a subsidiary of Hormann Beteilgungs Gmbh of German.

Shareholders of Shakti Met-Dor are demanding that this grossly unfair Anti Small Shareholder move be dropped.

This case is similar to the pending case by share holders of Cadbury India Limited against Kraft Foods.

Shareholders would take all Legal steps to protect their rights. 

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Compulsory Buy Back of Shares ( selectively from minority Non promoter Share holders ) is violative  of Fundamental Right of Equality enshrined in the Constitution of India

Such a move creates two separate and unequal classes of Shareholders , i.e. Promoter Share Holders and Non Promoter Share Holders .

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Regarding Compulsory Cancellation of Shares Moves  by

Cadbury India Limited 

Shakti Met-Dor Limited  ((subsidiary of German giant Hormann Beteilgungs Gmbh )

The Majority cannot dictate to the Minority to compulsorily sell their Shares and that too at rates set by Majority Appointed Valuers / C A s.
This is what was done by Cadbury India and , now , being done by Shakti Met -Dor (subsidiary of German giant Hormann Beteilgungs Gmbh )
Delisting may be OK . But forced cancellation of Minority shares is not done even in Capitalism
Capitalism means Demand and Supply.
If the Majority wants the Minority 's shares then , to Quote from Mario Puzo 's Godfather " " They should make an offer we cannot refuse ". Let them approach us and buy at a mutually agreeable price but not at a Dictated Price.
Free will transactions are the essence of Capitalism .


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your  WEALTH

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this Company ,  so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism.

Blog Writer is an interested party in this case

( NB : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts before taking any investment decision ).


Shakti Met-Dor- Compulsory Cancellation of Shares- Letter by a Share Holder

To ,

The Compliance Officer ,

Shakti Met Dor Limited ,


Dear Sirs ,

With due respect , we state as under :-

1 ) We hold shares of your Company under L/f :SML - 950003.

 2 ) The move to compulsorily  acquire shares selectively from the remaining share holders @ Rs. 400 Per Share is unrealistic and  unacceptable to us .

Shakti Met-Dor is , now , subsidiary of the world renowned German giant  M/s Hormann Beteilgungs Gmbh.

The share Price of Rs. 400 Per share by the Chartered Accountants is grossly unfair and highly prejudicial to the interests of the Minority Non Promoter Shareholders of Shakti Met-Dor Limited.

3 ) In case our name ( Vivek Aggarwal , L/ f  SML -950003. ) figures in your list of shares for Compulsory Cancellation , then  , please remove it ,under intimation to us (  by Registered post / Speed Post ).

3 ) We request you to withdraw this anti Non - Promoter move in its entirety .

4 ) In case the Company persists , then we would be left with no other remedy but to challenge the same in appropriate Court of Laws  , including the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad and the Hon'ble National Company Law Tribunal.

( Please study the rulings given in the case of compulsory and selective  cancellation of shares by Cadbury India Limited )

As we are CAVEATORS , please do keep us updated of all the legal moves by the Company in this regard.



Share Holder


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

If the Company feels that the rate it is offering is " FAIR " then it should , also , be willing to offer to sell its entire majority holding at that rate . The minority share holders ( and other Indian share holders ) should have a Right of Pre emption at that " FAIR " rate.

If Shakti Met-DorLimited feels that Rs.400 is a " fair rate " then Indian shareholders in general should be given an opportunity to form a SPV ( Special Purpose Vehicle ) Company which ( with suitable debt equity Leveraged Buy out ) and buy at the same rate the majority shares from the Promoters. A period of 6 months should be kept for giving this opportunity to Non Promoter Indian shareholders

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...


( Josh Malihabadi )