May 17, 2013

Stock Holding ( SHCIL ) Introduces Margin Trading Facility

World markets are cruising towards new heights. Indian markets are expected to follow a suit. In the midst of this fabulous aura, SSL is glad to announce the launch of one of the most fascinating product - Margin Trading Facility (MTF).

Product will be operational from 20th May, 2013.

As the name suggests, MTF facilitates the client to bring in only 50% of the total trade value as the balance 50% will be funded by SSL & client is allowed to carry forward the position till he desires, subject to fulfilling certain margin requirements.

On the amount funded by SSL, client will be charged interest & same will be payable by the client on closing the positions either by selling the securities or on pay-in of necessary amount funded by SSL.

With the launch of MTF, stage has been certainly set for common investor to reap the benefits.

For furhter details, Please contact nearest SHCIL Branch.

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Tanya said...

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People who can offer a reasonable rate shall call else refrain.