March 11, 2014

Macmillan Publishers Desperate to Eject Loyal Shareholders at Fraction NAV

Laxmichand Jain said...
thanks for putting this up. I have been thinking on this too. Is it legal for the company to change our status from that of shareholders to beneficieries of a trust? They say that the beneficiary of the trust will be " rank pari-passu with the existing equity shareholders".

Also please read the letter that Cameo has sent. They say that there are 2 options from which we are supposed to choose. The 3rd option of continuing is mentioned in such a manner that you will never realise that its an option.

Is there any action that we small investors can take? you can each me on 0-94483-62206 Laxmichand Jain

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Anonymous said...

i agree with you,
firstly loosing money when macmillan got bifurcated in two companies, and now they are offerring only Rs. 69.
Minority shareholders are loosers.