March 04, 2014

Macmillan Publishers ( India )-Shareholders to Exercise Option to Retain Equity Shares

Macmillan Publishers ( India ) Limited is an Unlisted Company. Its shares were allotted free in 2008 ( 1 : 1 ) to the existing shareholders of Macmillan India Limited ( now renamed MPS Limited ) 


In a very surprising and complicated legal move Macmillan Publishers Limited has extinguished old Equity Shares and has given its shareholders 3 Options :-

1 ) Cash option of Rs. 69 per Share ( same rate as was offered 6 years ago !! ) 

2 )  Opt for Redeemable Preference Shares    ( RPS ).

3) Continue as Equity Shareholder of the Transferee Company  ( through Macmillan Equity Shares Trust ).( in terms of Clause 18 . 04 )

Kindly note :-

1 ) The above Options are to be exercised within a period of 60 days from Record Date i.e. before 13 -04-2014

 2 )  The Default Option is No 1 Option i.e. cash offer of Rs.69 per Share

3 ) The Shareholder if he receives a Cheque for Cash Option can return the un encashed cheque with in 30 days and can opt for  other two options i.e. Preference Shares / Equity Shares.

3 ) RTA are Cameo Corporate Services Limited ,


Tel : 044 -28460390 to 28460395
email :


Blog Comments : 

It seems the management is desperate to kick out its Loyal  Minority Equity shareholders at fraction of NAV of Company.

The net worth / prospects  seems to have improved greatly ( please recheck this point independently ) with the merger of wholly owned subsidiary , i.e.Frank Brothers And Company ( Publishers ) Limited with Macmillan Publishers ( India ) Limited  .

3 ) Regarding our holdings in Macmillan Publishers ( India ) Limited we have opted , on immediate basis , for the Equity Option.

4 ) No worry about Liquidity - Please Recheck independently  -( We have Rare Indian Shares site )


General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal / family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .

All facts stated in Good Faith . Please recheck every face. no responsibility with the Blog / Writer

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Laxmichand Jain said...

thanks for putting this up. I have been thinking on this too. Is it legal for the company to change our status from that of shareholders to beneficieries of a trust? They say that the beneficiary of the trust will be " rank pari-passu with the existing equity shareholders".
Also please read the letter that Caneo has sent. They say that there are 2 options from which we are supposed to choose. The 3rd option of conitnuing is mentioned in such a manner that you will never realise that its an option.
Is there any action that we small investors can take? you can each me on 0-94483-62206 Laxmichand Jain