November 29, 2014

Remington Rand India - Information Wanted

Ref:   Share Folio No. 41704

Sub:   To Change/Delete name of the Deceased Person
           In the Share Certificate of Remington Rand of India

Dear Sir,

We are holding Remington Rand India Company Share Certificate in
physical form as per Folio Numbers given above.

Please let us know where we should send the Share Certificate and
other related documents in case :

a)      We want to dematerialize
b)      We want to change/delete  the name of the decease
c)      We want to add new name
d)     What type of documents are required by you.
e)      Where is your Company listed in BSE/NSC/Others

In case you have appointed any Transfer Agent, kindly give us their
name with address and Telephone nos. We hope you will guide us.

Awaiting for your quick reply for which we shall be highly oblige.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

M. No. 9819988312


Blog Writer : We , also, hold shares of Remington Rand of India ( Physical ). No Annual Report  , No Contact.It seems to have disappeared from the Investors ,Radar.  
Fellow Investors , Please Guide

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