February 27, 2016

Vijay Mallya - Many Facets of His Personality - Brilliance Also

How Vijay Mallya inherited an empire and proceeded to lose it

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Some time back , I used to attend AGM s of Punjab Breweries , Ludhiana ( merged with United Breweries ).
There I used to inter act with top executives of UB Group ( though I never met Vijay Mallya ).
I recall two different aspects of Vijay Mallya 's personality

Unlocking Phenomenal Shareholder Value - Brilliance of Vijay Mallya

Punjab Breweries was merged with United Breweries , Foreign partners ( First 

Scottish & Newcastle ) were brought in. Phenomenal share holder value was unlocked. Similarly , in the case of McDowell and Co. We held shares in Carew and Co. ( merged with McDowell ) . The struggle with Chhabrias for control of Shah Wallace brought forth the fighter in Vijay Mallya.

The other aspect of his personality -impulsiveness

. Immediately on inheriting a vast fortune , at a very young age from his father Vittal Mallya, Vijay sold the iconic Kissan and Hebertsons ( Dipy's ) to Hindustan Lever. There was a legal spat as Vijay , simultaneously  ,entered in to an Agreement for sale of Kissan with Food  Specialties ( Nestle ) also. Hind Lever took out a Suit For Specific Performance This was totally avoidable as were present negative developments

My Memories :-

At the  Court convened meeting of shareholders for merger of Punjab Breweries with United Breweries I put forth a point that Post merger , Ludhiana factory be , always , referred as United Breweries ( Unit Punjab Breweries ,Ludhiana ) so that the word Punjab  always remains. I have never taken liquor. But when ever , around Punjab , I see a Bottle of Kingfisher Beer , I read  ( now with Specs ) on the label the words Unit Punjab Breweries.


March 29, 2016

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Around 1985,in AGM of Punjab Breweries when I asked top UB brass , as to how they found Vijay Mallya. The reply was that Vijay was simply a genius of a businessman .It is , rightly , said Duniya Mein Sikandar Koi Nahin . Par Waqt Sikandar Hota hai.