September 22, 2016


Name Indian Rafale Fighter Jets as  Sekhon-Rafales.

( after the great martyr Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon PVC - Hero of 1971 War )



It is high time that we give due honour to our brave soldiers.
In Delhi we have Roads named after the culprits of 1962 but none named after the Heroes of 1962 ( like Major Shaitan Singh
All the Major Countries name their important weapons after their great soldiers / generals like in the USA , Patton Tanks , Sherman Tanks , Nimitz Air Craft Carriers ,in Israel Uzi Rifles etc etc.
But India does not name its weapons after or great soldiers . We could name Brahmos , Agni ,Prithvi, INSAS Rifle, INS Viraat etc etc after our great soldiers .
( Our next Air Craft Carrier be named after the legendary Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa )
Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa would have done what the Americans could not do in Afghanistan.

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