September 21, 2016

NBI Industrial Annual Report 2015-16

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NBI Industrial Misses SEBI ' Relisting Deadline - Annual Report 2015-16 Highlight

Annual Report 2015-16

Page 7


SEBI vide its Directive order dt. 02/09/15 had directed NBI Industrial Finance to Relist within Six Months from 01/12/2015

Blog Comments on this Para

The Deadline ended on 31/05/2016.

It seems NBI Industrial made a Listing bid with NSE but, it seems , was rejected ( Please Recheck this )

Annual Report 2015- 2016  - Financials

Gross Profit : Rs. 3 crore 32 Lakh

Net Profit   : Rs. 3 cr 41 Lakh

EPS          Rs. 27 / 78 p ( Share Paid up : Rs. 10 each )

Dividend : NIL 

As on 31/03/16

Share Capital : Re 1 cr 23 Lakh

Reserves         Rs.25 cr 24 lakh


Blog Comments :-

1 ) NBI Industrial Finance has massive hidden assets 

One example ( Page 41 ) 

Book Value of Quoted Investments : Rs. 7 cr 17 Lakh

Market Value of these Quoted Investments  on 31/03/16 ) : Rs. 1065 crore 46 lakh

Last Year Market Value of Quoted Investments was Rs.482 cr.

SO Rs 583 crore Hidden Profit in  the Year 2015-16

2 ) As NBI Industrial has not been paying Dividends , it cannot issue Bonus Shares . So it cannot meet the Listing requirements.


September 21, 2016

Justice Wanted -NBI Industrial Finance - Misdeclaration Regarding LISTING Status Annual Report 2015-16

NBI Industrial Finance is holding its 81 st AGM on 24/09/2016 .

In the Annual Report 2015-16 circulated among shareholders , there is a serious lapse.

On Page , the Directors signing the Report , on 30/05/2016 , have declared that the SHARES OF NBI INDUSTRIAL FINANCE are LISTED.


A  shareholder ,  took up the matter with Management by Emails , Speed Post , .Courier


Copies of Our Correspondence / Replies Received

For More ,please click :-

September 23, 2016

NBI Industrial 's AGM - No Legal Basis- Misdeclarations Made

NBI Industrial Finance 's Vague and Lame Explanations

The listing has been applied for. Our application for listing is under consideration of the Stock Exchange. a copy of the Corrigendum is enclosed, as discussed.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Thanks & Regards

Team NBI


Shareholders' Demand

We acknowledge your message.

( 1 ) Please inform which Stock Exchange,

( 2 ) Please inform in which newspapers has this Corrigendum been publish.

We maintain that an amended Annual Report ( 2015-16 ) be recirculated and fresh timings be allotted for E voting in view of these very crucial / major changes in the Annual Report. A new date be fixed for the 81 st AGM

Thanking you ,

With regards,


Blog Comments : Even E Voting done on admittedly false information. No amendments for E Voters , also.


( Josh Malihabadi )


Saada Hak Ehthey Rakh


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Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this Company, so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

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