October 26, 2016

Bharat Nidhi , Now, Bound to Relist ( SEBI Order dt.10/10/16 )

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Please Go through this SEBI circular of 10th October, 2016- very carefully.

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This binds the promoters, like the Jains of BCCL, from mishandling the interest of their shareholders. Up to now , they have played as they wanted. Not anymore. Now they are in a jam and they have to come out transparent and fair. Otherwise the penalties are very severe.

The time frame allowed is 3 months from the date of this circular (10.10.2016).

You will note that SEBI has closed almost all escape routes, including shortage of capital.

Bharat Nidhi has been using this ridiculous plea that their capital is 2.97 Cr., short by- can you imagine- just 3 lacs, and the company is not eligible to list on a national stock exchange, and they are constrained to be listed on a non-trading platform stock exchange, Calcutta. It means, for those wanting to sell in the market, full capital gains tax or a deal in the grey market.

In such cases of short capital, the company has to issue preferential allotment, that too under the strict supervision of the exchanges. 

The two page SEBI Circular dt. 10/10/16  is very important to read.
                  - Deepak Gupta
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October 24, 2016

Relist or Delist - SEBI Ultimatum to ELC ( Regional Stock Exchanges )

With SEBI’s crackdown on non-compliant promoters, investors stuck with firms listed on regional exchanges will get some options

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October 14, 2016

SEBI Gives 3 Months For Relisting/ Delisting For Regional Stock Exchanges ELC

SEBI Circular Dt. 10/10/ 2016

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Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC ) like Frick India Limited . NBI Industrial Finance would either have to raise capital ( Bonus shares ) or Delist by providing Fair Value.





Macrofil Investments ,Digvijay Finlease , NBI Industrial Finance and other Unlisted Promoters' Holding Companies should follow the examples of

1 ) Max India Promoters are paying a fair price of Rs.94 for every share ( Re. 1 paid up ) of their Unlisted Holding Company - Cheminvest Limited.


2 ) Reliance Industries Promoters gave 1 share of Reliance Industries for every 1 share of their Unlisted Holding Company - Farm Enterprises Limited ( earlier  Reliance Enterprises ) 


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January 10, 2016

Metropolitan Stock Exchange- Does it Work ?Exclusively  listed in a Regional Stock Exchange ( like Delhi Stock Exchange ) companies have  to Relist their Shares at an operational Stock Exchange like BSE / NSE , as per SEBI orders.

Surprising , Frick India , Dalmia Refractories ( Shri Nataraj Ceramics ) , instead of getting their shares  Relisted at BSE / NSE have got their shares Relisted at Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( formerly MCX Stock Exchange )

Frick India

Dalmia Refractories

Such Relisting seems to be a cruel joke on Investors who waited for so long .Earlier Delhi Stock Exchange etc were not working.


Metropolitan Stock Exchange does not seem to work.

There are no Quotes / Trading



Investors should take by the issue with SEBI . and management of Metropolitan Stock Exchange.


General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in Frick India and Dalmia Refractories ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

( PS : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts etc. No responsibility with this author / blog. )


June 03, 2016

Frick India 2015-16 Profits Nearly Double, EPS Rs.195, Book Value Rs.1825

For Year Ending 31-03-2016

Sales : Rs 200 cr 70 lakh

Gross Profit Rs. 18 cr

Profit Before Tax Rs. 16 cr  28 lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 11 cr 69 lakh

EPS : Rs.194 / 83 p

Dividend : 25 % ( Rs.2 / 50 p )


As on 31 /03/2016

Share Capital : Rs. 60 Lakh ( 6 Lakh Shares of Rs. 10 each )

Reserves :Rs.108 crore 90 lakh

Book Value Per Share : Rs.1825




Blog Comments : -

Frick India is market leader in Industrial Refrigeration.With Govt. emphasis on Food Processing / Food Preservation Prospects are very Bright.

Frick India 's Balance Sheet has many Hidden Assets.

Example : -

Frick India owns 25 acres of Prime Land on GT Road , Faridabad ( NCR ).Current land prices could be upward of Rs. 100 cr Per acre ( Please Recheck this Information 


Ravi Saini said...

I read the annual report of Bharat Nidhi and PNB finance. The shareholding pattern shows all holders as non-promoters. There isn't any promoter. Does this mean that Jain family can make a preferential allotment to them up to 75% of existing share capital? This will lead to huge loss to existing retail shareholders. The investor should realize that currently holding companies are trading at 60% to 70% discount. There is a huge risk is holding onto Bharat Nidhi and expecting valuation based on the investments they hold.

Anonymous said...

Bharat Nidhi , PNB Finance , Camac Commercial, and other holding companies of Bennet Coleman are going to merge tith Bennett Coleman ( BCCL), and company is planning for an IPO of BCCL in this financial year itself. These equity shares of thwse companies listed on regional atock exchanges hold very deep value, one share of these company is worth several lacks of rupees.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

There have been talks of IPO for the last 6 -7 years . Only conjectures.

BCCL does not seem to have any capex plans . So there seems to be no requirement for funds via IPO.

Group not very considerate towards Investors. Never given more than 6 % dividend.

6 % seems to be their Vaastu Shastra.