October 20, 2016

Delhi Flour Mills Exit Offer Price Only on Book Value - Present Worth Many Times

Delhi Flour Mills Limited , which was one of the five companies in the erstwhile Forward List of the , now , defunct , Delhi Stock Exchange.

Delhi Flour Mills is more than 100 years old and as such there is a vast difference between the Book Value and the present day  Market Value of the assets.

Very surprisingly , the Fair Value calculated by the Valuers Corporate Professionals Capital Private Limited is simply by dividing the Net Worth ( Share Capital + Reserves ) by the number of Shares.


Public  Investors of Delhi Flour Mills are very upset at this Valuation Report

Message From Investor 

I send herewith copy of Valuation Report, which is done by M/s Corporate Professionals Capital Private Ltd., a SEBI registered category I merchant bankers and surprised to note that valuer has not at all considered value of trade investments of more than Rs.700 crores and value of land and building which is also worth of several crores.

Please take up the matter with appropriate authority for FAIR VALUATION OF THE SHARES OF THE DELHI FLOUR MILLS CO. LTD. in the interest of minority share holders.

With regards,

Daya Rajiv Maheshwari



Investors Want Reverse Book Building Process to be followed



October 17, 2016

Delhi Flour Mills Holds Very Valuable Land Bank - Message Received From Investors

Delhi Flour Mills Ltd has 4 acre of land in Delhi (8377-8381,Roshanara Road ) 



Delhi Flour Mills- Grossly Unfair Exit Price Valuation SEBI Must Intervene

The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. ( a  more than 100 years old company) was  listed at Delhi Stock Exchange.  It  has promoted  DFM Foods Ltd. (BSE code : 519588 ) and  holding 3711676 equity shares of DFM Foods Ltd. ( i.e. 37.11 % of the total equity of the company), market value as on 31-03-2016, as per page no. 39 of Annual Report of The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. for 2015-16, is Rs.542.28 crores whereas present value of this investment alone  is more than Rs.700 crores ( present market rate of DFM Foods. Ltd. is Rs.1990/-per share).

The promoters of The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. has offered exit route/offer @ Rs. 720.13 per share to the public share holders holding total  81879  shares , valuing the company for Rs. 131.48 crores ( no. of shares x Rs.720.13  i.e. total no. of equity share of The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. -  1825777 x Rs.720.13 = Rs.131.48 crores ) whereas market value alone of company's trade investments as on 31-03-2016, as per page no. 39 of Annual Report for 2015-16, is Rs.542.28 crores and present market value of this investment alone is more than Rs.700 crores. Please note that company is holding large parcel of land in the heart of the city of Delhi and  I am not considering reserves and the value of land and buildings. 

The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. is having large parcel of land in the heart city  at Burf Khana, near Amba/Palace cinema which is hardly 1/2 km from St.Stephen's College, Delhi.  I have completed my graduation from Hans Raj College in 1983.

Inspite of repeated requests, company/promoters is not providing copy of Valuation Report, which is done by M/s Corporate Professionals Capital Private Ltd., a SEBI registered category I merchant bankers.


I request you to please take up one more issue with SEBI and arrange to issue instructions for uploading VALUATION REPORT on web site of the ELCs/Stock Exchange/SEBI because ELCs/promoters of these companies are manipulating  fair value of the share.


Rajiv Maheshwari

M - 9810827546




October 14, 2016

SEBI Gives 3 Months For Relisting/ Delisting For Regional Stock Exchanges ELC

SEBI Circular Dt. 10/10/ 2016

Please Click :-




Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC ) like Frick India Limited . NBI Industrial Finance would either hace to raise capital ( Bonus shares ) or Delist by providing Fair Value.

 please , also ,click :-



( Josh Malihabadi )

Saadda Haq , Ethey Rakh

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

The Forward List of the erstwhile Delhi Stock Exchange was Delhi Flour Mills , Delhi Cloth Mills ( DCM ),Hindustan Motors , Modi Spinning ,Rohtas Industries Limited ( RIL )