June 19, 2017

Digvijay Finlease- Investor's Comments

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September 06, 2017

Digvijay Finlease Withdraws Share Consolidation -PLEASE RECHECK

We received information from investors of Digvijay Finlease that they phoned the Regd. office at Kolkata and were informed that the Company has dropped its proposal for consolidation of Rs. 10 paid up share to Rs.1000.

We phoned at the Tel No   033-22130957 and talked to KK Thakur.

He confirmed that the Company has applied to NCLT withdrawing its petition .


Important Blog Disclaimers

1 ) Please RECHECK THIS independently.

2 ) Please do NOT take any Investment Decision based this information.

3 ) No Responsibility with this Blog / Blog Writer

If the news is really correct , we congratulate share Investors for their activism.  

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1 ) the capital has increased without allotment of shares to all shareholders ,

In 1998 dfl Capital was around 4cr and at present 11.44cr

And capital is raised on preferential base/rights and they have not alloted any additional share to the share holder

Only promoters share holding has risen

Because of this general public share holder is in minority and promoters stake is risen
The change in capital from 4cr to 11.44cr they have not shown in balance sheet.

 2 )also there can be no compulsion to sell shares even if fractional ,

 3 ) also digvijay cement was a listed company and demerged undertaking must also be listed since investors had not invested in unlisted company to start with

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