June 21, 2017

Bharat Commerce and Inds- Dumped ?

Regarding Bharat Commerce , at the time of  ECE Industries Limited 's Rights Issue we took up the matter with ECE limited as to why Bharat Commerce was not mentioned in the Risks in the Letter of Offer of ECE. Both had their registered offices at Kasturba Gandhi Marg  , New Delhi  The ECE officers denied any link with Bharat Commerce. Similarly , Kesoram Textiles ( Kolkata ) pleaded its inability to give us the address of Bharat Commerce.  To the best of our knowledge both were of Basant Kumar Birla group ( Kesoram / Century ) and most probably , after succession , become part of Kumar Mangalam Birla ( Grasim / Hindalco ).

 About 10 -15 years ago , there was labour trouble in the Mills of Bharat Commerce. It had mills at many locations  including  Rajpura , Thane Nagda. Some units were sold. But why no attempt was made rescue the Company or merge it with Kesoram / Century remains a mystery. 

In my childhood ,mid 1960 s  when we were at Rajpura  ( Punjab )  , the daily routine of the residents of Rajpura was guided by the " ghughoo " ( Factory's Sirens ) of the "Dhaga Mill " ( Yarn Mill ) of the then blue chip Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited .

Today the " Dhaga Mill  " of Rajpura is history.


 We , also, have some blank ( un transferred shares ) of Bharat Commerce ( One pre 1947 Share certificate giving the name as Bharat Airways ).

( In this age of Demat , we , also , miss the old share certificates . Some were very graphic and interesting . We loved to read the history of previous share holders given on the reverse. How lovingly we touched the certificates  in gratitude when ever their rates shot up. )


Please also visit the link :- 


The fact that Bharat Commerce And Industries belonged to the Basant Kumar Birla group is confirmed by this fact sheet of the popular share portal moneycontrol.com . :-


The shareholders of Bharat Commerce  And Industries should demand the merger of Bharat Commerce with either Kesoram or Century ( or  even with Grasim )

Please , also , read ( especially the last para ) of this 2001 Business Standard Report :-




As per the records of Office Of Official Liquidator, Indore, petition 12/04 was filed for compulsory winding up of M/s. Bharat Commerce & Industries Ltd. Nagda dated 11/07/2005 which has already been granted. 

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