August 03, 2017

Manipulation of Rates in Unlisted Market- Message Received

Many Big Investor avoid / hold to invest at high price as brief few following reasons from them only:

Artifical demand creation & only Internally trading between brokers with manipulation of price ( IWP, Indofil, Hero fincorp, TMB etc.) (Now MIL, Merino & Studd)

Non availability of shares in hand and said rate without any base. (In transition of name change etc.) (Purity Flex, National Standard, Reed Relay etc.)

Few un matured & childish person entered into this trading market without investing their money and just gave referral and asked for brokerage.

Asking buying / selling rate from Investor and circulate / broadcast to everyone. spoil the business.

Without proper base price, Aware and Beware before Investing / taking Unlisted stock

Bhavin Leua

Shreeji Investments , Ahmedabad
M / Whatsapp )9033476634 (contact preferably on whatsapp)

Manipulation is , also taking place , by Share Dealers , in the case of shares of Frick India.

Dealers are giving False Two Way Quote. Selling Rate around Rs. 2500. All they want to do is Buy, They have No Shares of Frick India for Sale.

( Privately Dealers admit once Metropolitan Stock Exchange starts trading , as is widely expected ( Frick India is  Exclusively Listed in Metropolitan ) Frick India would open in the range of Rs. 5000 - Rs.6000 / share

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