November 10, 2017

Kurlon Enterprises to Issue Bonus Shares

Kurlon Enterprises to issue Bonus Shares.

Ratio 353 Bonus : For Every 1250 ( Held )

Share : Rs.5 paid

EGM on 28/11/2017



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October 12, 2017

Only Kurlon Limited Shares With Public ??- Message

Important : Please Recheck All Information


We have received an important message from an Investor / Reader regarding the confusion between shares of Kurlon Limited and Kurlon Enterprise Limited



I spoke to the share transfer agent Purvashares, agent of Kurlon Ltd and Kurlon Enterprises Ltd. And understood that Kurlon Enterprises Ltd is not available with any public shareholders and only corporate bodies are shareholders. While, Kurlon Ltd is availed with public shareholders.

From Prabhu Palani


Blog Caution : PLEASE STUDY CAREFULLY THE ANNUAL REPORT OF Kurlon Enterprises / Kurlon Limited.

Please be Careful.

pdf Kurlon Annual report


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September 30, 2017

Kurlon Enterprises or Kurlon Ltd- Confusion

Question by an Investor

 I am confused. What is your take? 

should one prefer Kurlon Enterprise or Kurlon Ltd in the off-market? 

What is your current Kurlon Enterprise selling price ?


Blog Answer : 

It appears ( which please Recheck ) that in the Unlisted Share Markets only shares of Kurlon Enterprises ( Rs. 5 paid are available ). 

The IPO ( when ever made ) would , also be of Kurlon Enterprise.

It appears shares of parent Company , Kurlon Limited ( Rs.10 paid ) are only with the Promoters

For Buying / Selling Kurlon Enterprises and its Rate, please contact Dealers of Rare Indian Shares .

Caution : Please Recheck All Information Before Taking Any Investment Decision.

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September 28, 2017

Kurlon Enterprises ?-Annual Report 2016-17

For Annual Report 2016-17, please click :-

For Kurlon Enterprises ( Pages 1 to 98 )

pdf Kurlon Annual report

Important :

Share Face Value of Kurlon Enterprises Limited has been split to Rs.5 Paid Up.

It appears face value of one share of Kurlon Limited is Rs.10 ( PLEASE RECHECK )

55 th Annual Report of Kurlon Limited starts from Page 99.

Before Kurlon Limited is the 6 th Annual Report of Kurlon Enterprises Ltd ( subsidiary ). PLEASE AVOID CONFUSION

Be Careful

.Kurlon Limited develops and manufactures mattresses. The company offers spring, foam, rubberized coir, and therapeutic mattresses; and home accessories, such as sofas, living room products, pillows, and bed sheets. It provides its products through a network of dealers. The company was formerly known as Karnataka Consumer Products Limited and changed its name to Kurlon Limited in 1995. Kurlon Limited was founded in 1962 and is based in Bengaluru, India. It has manufacturing facilities in Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Gujarat.



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"My aim is to list Kurlon Enterprise, the subsidiary that handles the mattresses business. The company needed some internal restructuring and that is complete now. I think in the next three years we will be ready for an IPO," says Pai.



Caution: Please distinguish between Kurlon Limited and Kurlon Enterprises Ltd ( subsidiary ?? - Please Recheck )

Shares is the Unlisted Market may be of Kurlon Enterprises ( PLEASE RECHECK )


It appears some shares of Kurlon  Enterprises ( Rs.5 paid _ PLEASE RECHECK )   are available for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.


Caution : Please Recheck All Information Before Taking Any Investment Decision.

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