November 21, 2017

Selling List- Physical Quoted / Unquoted Shares

I have the following Equity shares certificates in Physical Form. Is anyone interested to buy:-

1. Reliance Enterprise Ltd. (Paid up value-Re.1/-) 6 Shares

2. Premier Vegetable Products Ltd. (Paid up Value- Rs.10/-) 200 Shares

3. Steel Strips Ltd (Paid up value- Rs. 10/-) 200 Shares

4. Kiran Overseas Ltd ( Paid up Value- Rs.10/-) 200 Shares

5. Agro Tech India Ltd. (Paid up Value- Rs. 10/-) 1000 Shares

6. 20th. Century Leasing Ltd. renamed as TCFC Finance Ltd (Paid up Value-Rs.10/-) 200 Shares


Please indicate the paper requirement for transfer of names and price per share. 

Please contact me at Mob. 9811742258 or at email Id: 

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