February 13, 2018

Singh Brothers of Fortis Group

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Bhai Mohan Singh''s business empire was divided among his 3 sons
.Of them , Parvinder got Ranbaxy. His sons Malvinder and Shivinder are , presently , in a sorry state of affairs .
Manjit ''s Montari group has , more or less , vanished.
Only Analjit ''s Max group is shining.
Also , when Ranbaxy group was divided among brothers , public shareholders of Ranbaxy got shares of Investment companies of Montari group( of brother Manjit Singh ) and Cheminvest , etc of Max ( brother Analjit Singh group ).
Montari Chem Care Investments Limited vanished.
But Analjit Singh ( Max group )was very fair.
For 1 share ( Re. 1 paid up ) of Cheminvest - ultimately around Rs.94 was paid by the Promoters .Very fair valuation.
In this ,my prized pic , my self on chair , behind me is my son Keshav , and on both sides Rahul Khosla and Mohit Talwar

( they are also my Fellow / Class Mate Stephanians )



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