February 15, 2018

Tata Steel Rights - FAQ

Record date:   Thursday,February 01, 2018
 Issue opening date   :Wednesday,February 14, 2018
Last date for Split request:             
Wednesday,February 21, 2018
Issue closing date:Wednesday,February 28, 2018

Entitlement ratio for Fully Paid Shares – 4:25 ( for every 25 shares held as on record date , the entitlement is 4 Fully Paid Shares) Amount payable per equity share(Fully Paid) on Application: @ Rs. 510/- Per Equity Share. Ratio – 4:25

Entitlement ratio for Partly Paid Shares – 2:25 ( for every 25 shares held as on record date, the entitlement is 2 Partly Paid Shares) Amount payable per equity share(Partly Paid) on Application: @ Rs154/- per share.

“Please note that the balance amount of Rs 461/- on Partly Paid Shares would be called up by our Company as the first and final call, within 12 months from the date of allotment of the Partly Paid Shares, in accordance with applicable law.”

•If your query is regarding non-receipt of application form:
1) You can check for application form dispatch details on our website, https://linkintime.co.in/rightsissue/rightsissues-Knowyourapplication.aspx  by providing your folio no/ CAF NO.
2) To know your rights entitlement, as per ratio, decided by the company, please use the link: https://linkintime.co.in/rightsissue/rightsissues-Knowyourapplication.aspx
3) You can also download the plain paper application form by using below link. Plain paper form cannot be used for renunciation. https://linkintime.co.in/rightsissue/rightsissues-PlainPaper.aspx
4) In case you want to renounce then kindly request for duplicate form by writing to our email id tatasteel.rights2018@linkintime.co.in
5) Shareholders can opt to apply through ASBA.  ASBA application need to be submitted to their respective ASBA bankers only. For the list of participating SCSB banks for ASBA  , please click on  the link, https://linkintime.co.in/rightsissue/rightsissues-Knowyourapplication.aspx .
6) List of collection centers to deposit your application form along with cheque (Non – ASBA) is available on the back side of application form or else you can get the list from the link, https://linkintime.co.in/rightsissue/rightsissues-Knowyourapplication.aspx
7) You can send application form along with cheque / DD to our Mumbai office – Vikhorli address, if collection center is not accessible to you.
•  For split request, please fill up Part D of the application form and send a scanned copy of PART D  through email to our email id, tatasteel.rights2018@linkintime.co.in and also send hard copy of the signed application form, to our (Vikhorli) address. Split request will be dispatched only after receiving the hard copy of the application form.
Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd.,
Unit: Tata Steel Ltd - Rights Issue- 2018
247, Corporate Park, C-101, 1st floor LBS Marg , Vikhroli (west) Mumbai- 400083.

• NRI applications on plain paper format shall among other things, be subject to conditions, as may be imposed from time to time by RBI under, FEMA.
Note: This is a general acknowledgment mail which answers most of your queries regarding this Tata Steel Ltd. -Rights Issue. Any query apart from what is mentioned above will be answered separately.


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