April 30, 2018

Dalmias Bid For Red Fort




Around 1970 when we entered the Red Fort from the entrance over the , now , defunct moat ( barbican gate ) , turning 90 * left at the original Shahjehan built gate , on the left side of this gate was a narrow flight of steep stairs which took us to a large room where were stored a large number of rifles ( muzzle loading ) which the Britishers had captured from the defeated rebels / sepoys of 1857 failed Revolt. 

These were priceless antiques and symbol of Indian patriotism. 

When I revisited this room after 5 - 6 years all the rifles had vanished. No body could tell me about them or what became of them.

                                                      Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal


RED FORT- Front Gates- Father and Son

Red Fort 's Front Gates are later additions ( barbicans added by Aurangzeb ).
PM makes his Independence Day speech from the barbican ramparts . 
Original builder of the Red Fort Shah Jehan, known for his opulent tastes in architecture and otherwise , was not happy son , a sober Aurangzeb 's more practical approach 

 The imprisoned ex emperor told his son with dismay ," What have you done ? You have hidden the view of original majestic gate . The new gate is like putting a Burqa on the face of a beautiful girl .
Original Shah Jehan built Lahore Gate( from where the bazar /shops start )


Outer - Aurangzeb built Lahore Gate

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